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Hi Sheri! Pat and I would like to thank you for our wonderful IVF Cancun experience this year. I know for a fact that we wouldn’t have had the same stress free treatment here in Canada. You and Erick made sure we were taken care of and went above and beyond for us. From everything to arranging everything for us so we didn’t have to worry about anything while in Cancun, to dropping off the extra meds we needed after transfer when the pharmacy told us they didn’t have what we needed at the time. Pat was so relieved he didn’t have to leave me that day to go venture out to find what I needed. We are expecting one healthy baby boy and we know the worry free vacation and relaxing time we had during our IVF cycle played a big role in that. We left beautiful Cancun feeling like family and we know you and Erick genuinely cared. Thank you so much for all you do! Carrie and Pat

I used Sheri Burke from International Patient Facilitators in Cancun, Mexico to co-ordinate my IVF fertility journey to start my family. Fertility treatment is typically a very stressful process however Sheri was able to take the stress out of the equation for me. She assisted with finding the best air fare, gave advice on which hotel to stay at, provided transportation to & from hotel and clinic and attended many of my appointments with me. Sheri, Erick & Carrie, take care of everything for you, they are organized, honest and really care about you and your success. Under their care you can relax and enjoy the beautiful location leaving your worries behind. Having IVF treatment abroad is the best option as you get a break from daily life & work and are able to focus having a wonderful relaxing vacation while undergoing affordable fertility treatment from international trained experienced fertility doctors. I used a fertility clinic here in Canada for several years before moving to IVF treatment abroad and the professionalism and personal care was really appreciate after being treated like a walking wallet with a file number rather than a name by the Canadian Clinic. I would not hesitate to refer Sheri & her wonderful team to anyone. I am happy to say I am currently eight weeks pregnant with twins, thanks to Sheri & her team of professionals.

Hi Sheri. Thanks for calling us today. We are very excited to announce that we are pregnant. There is one baby there, possibly two. We will know more next week at the next ultrasound.
We want to recommend your services to those people seeking IVF treatment. You took very good care of us. God Bless you and your Family.You have a wonderful program in Cancun with exceptional service.
Alma and Enes