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IVF Steps

Step by step journey of IVF

1/ The ivf journey starts with the couple finding the right ivf center. patients decide to come to cancun, mexico for ivf treatment after speaking with many clinics in the usa, canada and abroad. they have been informed of success rates and have made their decision.
once the commitment has been made to have ivf treatment in cancun, mexico : the program with begin. here is what can be expected with a very typical ivf cycle for treatment and patients.

2/ Stimulation of Ovaries:
To increase the chances of pregnancy, fertility drugs are used to trigger the production of follicles and eggs in women. if a woman does not use these drugs, the ovaries will only produce one egg and this may not be sufficient for you to become pregnant.

3/ The name of the primary fertility drug with will be taken is called lupron. this medication will close the pituitary gland and not allow it to release a good mature egg too early. one week after taking lupron, patients will begijn taking medications which contain the follicle stimulating hormone (fsh) and the lh hormone. this will allow the maturation of several follicles.
many ivf first timers are surprised to find that fertility drugs are self administered injections. if you are not able to administer the injections by yourself, please have your partner or a friend administer them.

4/ Ultrasound:
The ovarian stimulation cycle will last for approximately two weeks. once beginning the fsh injections, you will need to monitor the growth of the follicles in your ovaries. you are looking to have at least three mature follicles in order to move onto the egg retrieval phase.
as soon as the follicles are a certain size, you will need to administer the trigger shot which contains hcg/ human chorionic gonadotropin. the hcg injection is going to mimic the surger of lh that will trigger ovulation. your doctore will let you know when to take the hcg shot. 36 hours later you need to be in cancun at our facility for egg retrieval.

5/ Egg Retrieval
The egg retrieval is a minimall invasive surgical procedure that is an outpatient procedure performed under local sedation. using very specialized equipment and a transvaginal ultrasound machine and a special needle, the doctors find the mature eggs and remove them. this procedure takes less than 30 minutes but patients have no memory of the procedure due to the anesthesia. after an hour, patients awake very comfortably. there is no pain experiences from the egg retrieval but at times minor cramps may occur. post egg retrieval, patients are given medications to stimulate the growth of the uterine lining.

6/ Sperm Collection
At the same time that the egg retrieval is underway, the partner is providing the sperm sample in another room. the lab is given the sample of wash it and to find the healthiest sperm samples taking away the impurities. the greatest concentration of sperm quality is used for healthiest embryos.

7/ Implantation
Embroys are transferred 3 to 5 days post fertilization. this procedure of implanting the embryos is quick and without pain. // embryos are inserted through the vagina and cervix with a catheter until the entrance is in a position at the center of the uterus. one squeeze is given to the catheter to allow the embryos to deposit into the uterus. patients need to ‘ take it easy ‘ for a few days post procedure but they do not have to have complete bed rest ,, it is not possible for the embyos to just fall out.

8/ Waiting for two weeks
The hardest or most difficult part of the entire ivf treatment is the two week wait to see if success has been accomplished. it will take about a week for the embryo to implant itself and two weeks for the women’s body to produce the hcg hormone which is the hormone with is what the pregnancy tests need to measure a pregnancy. it’s important to not take the pregnancy test too early. this can lead to an inaccurate reading.

9/ Pregnancy test
On the 14th day after the transfer, it’s time to take your pregnancy test. good luck !!